Tronics microsystems

Tronics Microsystems SA is a division of TDK’s Sensors Systems Business Company that manufactures MEMS inertial sensors that contribute to the advancement and digital transformation of industrial, energy, railway, marine and aerospace markets.

The company is today the only supplier of both MEMS accelerometers and gyros components with a closed loop architecture and a digital SMD interface. The company also offers differentiated foundry services for custom inertial MEMS devices.

Founded in 1997, Tronics operates an IATF 16949-certified MEMS clean room and an assembly, packaging, and test facility in Crolles, near Grenoble (France).

Following a tender offer ending January 2017, the main shareholders, TDK Electronics AG (formerly EPCOS AG) and Thalès Avionics, now hold respectively 87.3% and 10.1% of Tronics’ capital.

ISIN code: FR0004175099 ALTRO.
« Innovative Company » certification number: A1410008 V.